Event Planning Tips…

Over the years the following event planning tips have been universal to event success. Plan accordingly:

1- Make sure you properly budget for adequate entertainment! Hiring your entertainment based on “how much money you have left over” is a recipe for disaster.

2- Whatever the hosts of the event do, the guests are going to do as well. If the hosts are outside talking for the majority of the reception, most of the guests are going to be out there too. If they are on the dance floor, that’s where you’ll find the guests.

3- Don’t “micro-manage” the timeline. What we really need to know is the order of events, not necessarily the exact times.

4- Do not seat your older guests in front of your DJ’s speakers. The farther away from the DJ speakers, the more enjoyment they will have.

5- Do not place your DJ in some out of the way corner, they need to be easily seen, and really need to see the dance floor to keep the crowd moving.

6- Darker is better than lighter for dancing. No one wants anyone to see them dance. A well lit dance floor is always less filled than one that is dimmed and romantic.

7- The bars should always be in the main reception room. If possible, the bars should be near the dance floor, but not in a way that the lines at the bar interfere with the dance floor. The same goes for dessert stations.

8- Keep in mind your audience (guests) when making your online playlist. Just because you like obscure 80’s New Wave Pop doesn’t mean that everyone at the reception does. Better yet, give the DJ some suggestions and then let him/her take care of the rest.

9- A party should end when it shouldn’t end… not when it has to. Ending a party just before it dies down leaves your guests wanting more and they will always remember a packed dance floor.

10- If you have to cut corners, don’t compromise on the entertainment. Your DJ affects everyone in the room and can make or break the evening.

11- If you are going to have alot of kids at your wedding, offer something for them to do. Have balloons on their chairs and “busy” packets at their table with crayons, coloring books, puzzles, etc. You could even set up a DVD player and TV in a corner.

12- When picking your music, don’t overdo it. Pick 20 or so songs that you really want to hear and some that you really don’t, and then leave the rest up to us. We can fill in the blanks!

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