Club Heater Alert! ?

Those that know me know I generally don’t share music and/or music sources. But I am so excited about this edit pack that I am letting the cat straight out of the bag! The homie DJ Ragoza has straight up come up with a pack of club heaters (aca in, aca out and mashups) from 80’s jams to current club anthems!

Oh wait, who’s DJ Ragoza ? He’s a Crooklyn Clan O.G. and the 2015 Tampa DMC champion (What’s up with Tampa anyway? Some really serious DJ talent coming out of there lately!…well done Tampa!)

If you need some good OPEN FORMAT heat with crystal clear acapella breakdowns, you need to look into this edit pack and give the man his well earned $30 for the mega pack. Trust me, you will earn it back and then some from your dancefloor

You can find the 80’s Megapack and the Mashup Megapack HERE

Now what are you waiting for? Your dancefloor is calling…

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